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Everlast 108″ Handwraps

Posted: December 31, 2011 in Accessories

[Sorry for the generic picture offered by Everlast.  My handwraps came apart and am now either in the garbage or in the deep dark corners of my closet so I couldn’t take pictures of mine.]

What it advertises:

This Everlast® popular Mexican-style handwrap comes in a breathable cotton fabric for comfort and support. (from Amazon)

These EVERLAST® hand wraps are ideal for use by juniors, women, small hands, and those desiring a shorter length handwrap.  (from Sports Authority)

I bought this while in a rush because I had to check out a gym (which I eventually joined) and they required wraps which I did not have.  Can I just say…”Wow! These wraps SUCK!”  I guess that’s what I get for buying wraps at a Sport Chalet for $5?  I know I may be pretty down on Everlast as my review for their headgear was also negative but I stand by my opinion that their “affordable” line of sports equipment is less than to be desired.

  • First off, my bad on buying a wrap that is only 108″.  Please invest in some 180″ if you need wraps.  108″ is simply not long enough and I have small hands.
  • The velcro was WEAK.  it was a small little thing that didn’t do a great job.  It’s ONE job is to secure the wrap and he does a poor job of it.
  • The “breathable cotton fabric” does a horrible job at protection.  You can just feel the flimsiness holding the fabric between your fingers.  Rest assured, it didn’t hold up so well after a wash.
  • The material just comes apart.  I had to constantly adjust and re-velcro my wraps because it kept on coming loose.

All in all, this is a major PASS.  I didn’t bother making a Pros and Cons section for this because it’s all Cons.  I can’t even say it was at least affordable because you can certainly find good hand wraps for the same price so why waste your energy on these?

Rating: 0/5

Link to Buy [Amazon; $4.57 plus free shipping with Prime or over $25]
Link to Buy [Sports Authority; $7.49]

I’m pretty sure these could be find at most generic sporting goods stores.  But seriously, invest in something better.