Boon Sport BGV Velcro Leather Training Gloves 16oz.

Posted: December 31, 2011 in Gloves

What it advertises (on the Title website):

Authentic genuine top grain leather professional hook-and-loop training gloves. Crafted of select supple, yet durable leather with approximately 2″ of integrated layered foams for superb shock absorbency and maximum coverage for intense athletes. Extra wide elastic and hook-and-loop wraparound wrist closure assures snug, firm fit. Moisture wicking hand liner keeps hands drier and cooler during training. Handmade in Thailand and tested in professional Bangkok gyms for performance.

I decided to buy a pair of these Boons after the threading was coming apart from my Tuf -Wear Pro Tactic Sparring Gloves (only 3 sparring sessions in I might add).  I wanted a pair of gloves that did not have a stitched thumb attachment but rather one whole glove piece. After some research online in regards to muay thai style gloves, I decided on a pair of Boon over Twins and Windy.

I was able to check out the Twins and Windy gloves of some of my sparring partners at my gym.  While they had compliments for them, I did not personally feel those were the greatest fit for me.  For one thing, the Twins glove felt too round and bulky, essentially making my feel clumsy while sparring.  On to that, the interior compartment was too spacious.  I have smaller hands so I didn’t feel very confident with the Twins.  And I skipped over the Windy purely because I read better personal feedback reviews of the Boons over Windy and because I heard the Boons over a more snug interior compartment.

Well they arrived and first thing first, the brown chocolate color was a beauty.  There were many compliments from folks at the gym.  I prefer black gloves, but actually I only had a choice of the brown at the time because I had to buy them through Title who only offered them in brown (no biggie).


  • Rest assured, the interior is snug (not to the point where it hurt my hand or was difficult to insert my hand) but it was a good fit while sparring.
  • The gloves offers great wrist support.  The velcro/wrist is longer than the Twins and Tuf-Wear gloves.  Because of it being longer, I felt much more stabilized around my wrist and more comfortable with blocking head kicks.  For many, this may pose an issue for the clinch, but it has not hindered me personally.
  • The leather is of top quality.  Some other reviews have said the Boon cow skin leather is of better quality than Twins and Windy.  I can’t verify but I like what I’m seeing.
  • The velcro closure holds in place and does not snag.
  • I suppose you can say the ventilation and moisture wicking liner may be of assistance.  I have not ever suffered from feeling the gloves make my hands hot or sweaty.  At the same time, I don’t have sweaty hands so I can not really give much input on this.
  • Even though my pair is a 16 oz. it does not feel overtly heavy while in use.  I don’t even really pay attention to it which is a plus because I constantly felt clumsy with my Tuf-Wear.  Because of this, I feel as though I am able to “thread the needle” better when it comes to connecting on punches.


  • The “Boon” logo on the glove is shoddy work.  It doesn’t show in the pictures because it was taken before tonight’s sparring session but the label is already cracking and peeling off.  Not really a big issue for me but may bother others.  The Boon label stitched on the wrist should hold up, however.
  • I suspect if this glove really passes for “sparring”.  The distribution of weight seems to be more even instead of mostly in the front.  Keep in mind, most Thai gloves are like this.  It may be because they concentrate on also having padding to block kicks while boxing sparring gloves just have to worry about the padding in the front for punches.
  • These gloves do feel hard.  I wonder how much shock my sparring opponents may feel if I connect on a good hit.  I highly doubt they are forgiving compared to some other gloves.
  • As stated earlier, the longer wrist which offers more support and protection against kicks may hinder some when it comes to the clinch.

All in all, I’m very satisfied with this pair of gloves.  I feel as though my sparring and boxing have improved.  My wrist feels more secured and head kicks are better protected (I’m short so I’m constantly at risk of taller opponents trying to head kick me).  I think the leather quality is great and some others who use these gloves at my gym love them.  In fact, a sparring partner who used to live by Twins is now going to switch to Boon as she has to purchase a 16 oz soon.

Rating: 4/5

Link to Buy (Title Boxing; $79.99 plus tax and shipping)
Link to Buy (muaythai-fighting; $41.95 plus shipping from Thailand)

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