Top Ten Superfight Gloves, 10oz.

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Gloves

[Note: the marks on the bottom of the gloves is just me distorting my name.]

What it advertises–

Exactly the same glove as the Olympic model, but without the AIBA logo and white striking area.
Material: First class genuine leather (1,2mm)

Bayfill®  Material

The semi-rigit polyurethane molding foam / Bayfill ® made by Bayer MaterialScience Company.  Special formulations are used for constructive components concerning safety, special crash-elements.


  • Components are pleasant to the touch
  • Freedom for design
  • Sweat resistant
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Highly shock absorbent
  • No-slip gripping
Personal Review: Many people in the US aren’t that familiar with the Top Ten brand which is surprising as it is so popular in the Olympics, AIBA and Europe.  I have a friend that is also addicted with buying/trying new fighting gear.  He went ahead and purchase a bunch of Top Ten gear before deciding that he wanted to be a strictly Winning guy. So low and behold I got myself a pair of Top Ten 10oz. gloves.  At the time, I was using these cheap ol’ 12oz gloves I was given at a “cardio” kickboxing gym OVER 7 years ago. Suffice to say, my wrists were staring to hurt and those gloves offered no protection.  Let me just say, I love these gloves.  For a 10oz, it feels so much more protective than the 12oz I used previously.  These offered great wrist support and In Bayfill material I trust.  I truly do feel a difference in striking.  As advertised, it does feel as though these gloves absorbed a lot of the shocks.  Also, Top Tens tend to run more compact than other gloves (compared to muay thai gloves like Twins or Boon, which tend to run wider for their own reasons).  I, personally, prefer the compact design of these gloves.  I feel less clumsy and more confident in striking targets.  As a female with smaller hands, however, these gloves do feel a tad spacious inside.  Not to the point of slipping but it won’t give you as snug of a fit as Boons.
Just a note, I use this as my bag gloves.  Though I was initially worried because I think these are conceived to be boxing/sparring gloves these have held up well against the heavy bags and mitts.  But I would like to reiterate for those into muay thai that these are torpedo shaped.  There is a reason why thai brands tend to be wider.  They are constructed that way to block kicks more effectively.  So as of now, I’m not sure how this brand may hold up in a muay thai sparring session.  I plan on getting a pair of 16oz for sparring so a review may be up in the future in that regard.

Link to Buy (Top Ten, $135 plus shipping; the main company is based in Canada)
Link to Buy (Fighters-Inc., $99 plus shipping)
Link to Buy (Totiro-USA, $98 plus shipping)

Rating: 4.5/5

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