Everlast MMA/Boxing Headgear

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Protective Gear

This headgear advertises the following:
  • Premium synthetic leather headgear
  • Anti-microbial treatment kills bacteria and odors
  • Anatomical design and fit allow natural movement and feel
  • One size fits all (Most are. Mine were sized S/M, however.)
  • Manufacturer’s warranty included (see product guarantee)

So I started sparring classes and one of the required equipment was a headgear.  I know many people may not spar with them but I believe in its benefits (IF you invest in a good pair).  See I didn’t follow that particular advice when I went out to buy one.  I confess, I used to use those cheap Macho style Taekwondo headgears when I was studying Choi-Li-Fut.  Perhaps it was because my particular gym didn’t allow hard sparring that those were sufficient.  They wouldn’t work well at my current gym where students do tend to go rougher in boxing and kickboxing/muay thai.

I was originally searching for the Fairtex Sparring Headgear (reviews up shortly) but my stingy self didn’t find the need in investing $100 in a pair when I discovered the price.  So off I went to my local Sports Chalet and bought myself this Everlast headgear for $35.  If anything, it’s taught me the importance of shelling out money for things that are worth it…your head is worth the investment.

These headgears vary.  Most are one size fits all but my particular headgear was a size S/M (which is my usual size).  When I tried it on at Sport Chalet I thought: “Eh, it fits okay.”  I learned how wrong was I when I finally used this thing in sparring.

  1. The visibility is HORRENDOUS.  I could barely see out of it making me very susceptible to punches and high kicks.
  2. The fit was not great.  It scrunched up my cheeks and actually gave me headaches.  I couldn’t believe it.  This large male in class wore the same headgear.  Why was it giving ME headaches?  I believe it had to do with the hard padding right in the back of the neck.
  3. It slips around, alot.  For a headgear that squeezed my face and gave me headaches, it did a shoddy job at staying in place.  A punch and this thing would immediately move.  Many times requiring me to stop a session to adjust.
  4. Does not ventilate well.  Sweating is only natural in such an intense activity, but this product does not do a good job (if it tries at all) at ventilation.  Sweat would easily get in the eyes.  This probably adds to the likelihood of this headgear moving.
  5. Most importantly, I don’t trust this headgear’s ability to effectively protect its user.  I not only felt contact, it jarred me.  On to that, the ear has a pitiful excuse of protection.  There is no padding.  One high kick to the side of the face and your ears might ring.

I’m sure Everlast has good products but I don’t quite trust their affordable line.  Your head is an important if not the MOST important part of your body.  It’s worth investing in a good headgear to protect yourself.  If anything, the $35 plus tax I wasted on this could have gone into the next gear I was forced to buy.  What you think is saving money may end up costing you more.


Link to Buy (from Amazon, $38.50; which actually gave this decent reviews.  To each their own.)

Rating: 0.5/5 (because it MAY be better than nothing…though I’m not quite confident in that statement).

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